Thank you.

Thank you for supporting me through a purchase, a website visit, or even just a quick scroll-through of our products. I'm a computer science major and this website you're on was developed and deployed by me. It took a lot of time, and still there's so much I have to add, so much more to learn, and so many more hours ahead of me. I'm proud of how it turned out so far and I'm excited for the day it becomes the e-commerce website and business of my dreams. As you can see, I'm starting off small as it's not easy to scale a business but more is sure to come. So for now, I hope you enjoy the stickers I hand draw and digitize to life in photoshop just as much as I do making them.

Oh, and one more thing. Please, if you see any bugs or issues with the website DM me through the instagram link on the footer of the home page and while you're there give us a follow if you haven't already! I want this website to run smoothly for you guys so I'd love any constructive feedback you have; I'll do my best to try and implement it.

- Ethan